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KnowBe4 Security Tips - Protect Yourself Against Card Skimmers

    With the convenience and seemingly secure way of paying at the gas station pump and using drive-up ATMs, cybercriminals are now targeting these locations. They are using this technology called Card Skimmers to read and record your card information in a matter of seconds. With each Card Skimmer being able to hold details on about 80 cards, protecting yourself at gas station pumps and ATMs should be a priority now more than ever. How Does It Work? Card Skimmers are physical devices that cyber criminals attach to the credit card reader. The card skimmer then reads the magnetic strip on the card to gather your full name, the card number and the expiration date. Once the skimmer reads your card information, the cybercriminals can then sell your information or use it to gain access to your bank account. These skimmers are designed to fit tightly over the real card reader at