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Always a Horse

If you have never ridden a horse this might be hard to understand, but there is a power, a freedom, and peace about it.   On the back of my horse is one of my happy places.   Since the age of around five I have had a pony or a horse. Starting with my pony General, the beginning of love for the soul and the spirit of a horse.   A fter G eneral came Satin, my Welsh pony.  I spent so many hours with this horse. H e could pull a cart that my parents bought for me. I taught him to lay down and sit up. We barrel raced at Douds Field Day along with all other kinds of events. We swam across ponds, camped out in old barns, rode thru parades, moved and worked cattle. We were trusted friends. I was blessed to have had the opportunity as a child to have a horse. When we bought our farm in the early 90s, I had to have a horse and then came Jewel.  She was a kind soul with a beautiful spirit. We had a lot of good years together. We did hours of trail riding, rode to the Ft Madison Rodeo and camped i

Wow...10 Years!

As I sit here and ponder what I should write about, something my mom told me when I was a teenager crept inside my thoughts.   “Never wish your life away.   The years go by so much faster the older you get.”   I remember thinking, no way was that going to happen to me.   I couldn’t wait to go to college, get married, and start my family, but as much as I hate to admit it, she was right. I started working at Libertyville Savings Bank in September 2010 as a teller.   My daughter Shelby was twelve at the time and my son Zach was only seven.   Not only am I now celebrating ten years at LSB, Shelby is now a graduate of Iowa State University with a degree in Genetics and Zachary is going to be a senior at Fairfield High School with plans to also attend ISU to study Electrical Engineering. As my kids have grown and evolved in their lives, I have also grown and evolved.   Within the first year of being at LSB, I became the Deposit Compliance Officer as well as being a teller.   Five years ago,