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For the Love of a Dog

  I have owned my fair share of dogs over the years and have loved them all, but what I have seen develop between Blake and his dog, Gunner, is something special.   Our youngest son, Blake, who is 11 years old, got his first puppy, Gunner in July of 2019. Gunner was about 8 weeks old when we brought him home, an English Chocolate Lab, the last of a litter from Ryan and Randi Troutman. It didn’t take Gunner long to settle into his new routine.   Between Blake and our older beagle, Bluegill, Gunner learned the ropes.   Blake taught him to sit, stay, lay down and go up and down a loading ramp.   He taught him to load into the ranger and kennel into his kennel.   They wrestle each other, jump in the creeks and ponds, and play keep away daily.   Then COVID hits, and Blake is home more than ever without baseball or school.   Gunner is his go-to playmate.   They travel miles through the timber, down the old dirt road, and through the pastures exploring together.   Whenever Blake is outside, G

No Place Like Home

  I’m a home body…always have been.    The farm is my favorite place to hang out, and I’ve never been more gr ate ful for it.    With the world slowed down, I’ve spent more time enjoying my favorite  past imes. I like working in my flower beds, on landscaping projects and on my never ending “to-do” l ist.   It’s a great feeling to cross something off that list.   The problem is, I’m usually adding to it faster than I’m crossing off.   I always love spending time with my pets.   They put life into perspective.   Their favorite evening is when I read a book on the patio.   You’ll find them right beside me…a contest of which one of them can get the closest.   Cooking and b aking are also a favorite.  I’m trying new recipes; including my first attempts at key lime pie and homemade strawberry ice cream.  Some recipes are more successful than others.  I cons ider myself an amateur, but I enjoy the creative outlet.  Hope you’re finding ways to enjoy the “silver linings” in these wonky times.