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15 years and counting...

It is amazing how fast time passes. For me it is hard to believe that I have had the pleasure of working in the banking industry for 15 years. So much has changed in banking since my start in 2005. Many new and different regulations, the way that the examiners look at customers and their business, and the way the economy can influence examiners on what is acceptable and what is not. I am grateful for being able to start my career with a community bank and always be able to say I am a community banker. As time goes on, I look back to the customers I started working with and the new ones along the way. So many of these people have been influential to me and have helped me to grow in my career and my personal life. I have seen and been a part of many joys and successes with my customers. It is so exciting to be able to help someone buy their first farm, piece of equipment, or home! With the joys also come the sorrows. The loss of a customer due to death, or divorce. Some operati

Small random act of kindness

A few weeks ago, my son Drew came home and told me he had taken his girlfriend out for supper. We had the usual conversation of where did you go, what did you have, was it good? He answered all those questions, then he said something that caught me totally off guard.   He said that when he went up to pay for his meal, he told the person at the register to add in the elderly couple’s meal that was in the restaurant. I must admit I was a little taken back when he told me this.   I asked him if he knew the couple and he said no.   He said he just thought it would be a nice thing to do. I responded with the comment that small random acts of kindness can go a long way in making someone’s day.   As a parent you always want your children to do the right thing and show kindness.   I am so proud of him to take it upon himself and pay it forward to someone that he didn’t even know. This kind gesture is proof positive that maybe all of my lectures didn’t just go in one ear and out the o