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50 Years in Banking!

In June of 1968 JR Helscher, then Farmers Savings Bank President, asked Sandra (Weber) Williams who was working at the local grocery store if she would come and work at the bank for the summer. Fifty years and many changes later she is still happy to come to work each day.             Sandy has always worked on the deposit side of the bank.   She started as a proof clerk matching up notches on checks, learned many bookkeeping applications, was a teller and is currently the cheerful voice that greets you when calling the Libertyville Savings Bank, Fairfield office. When asked which position was her favorite she simply replied, “I don’t have a favorite. I just like the contact with the people.” In July of 2014 Farmers Savings Bank sold to Libertyville Savings Bank. Many assumed at that time that Sandy would retire, but instead she took on the challenge of learning and has excelled in her position as receptionist. She noted relocating from the comfort of knowing almost everyone to

33 years at LSB

I started working summers at the bank as a teenager back in the early 80’s (I know this ages me!)   doing teller and bookkeeping work in Libertyville, when it was the only office of the Libertyville Savings Bank.   I started full time in the spring of 1985 and have never looked back or had many regrets.   I mean living on a ranch in Montana would have been awesome, other than the winters. I moved from teller, to loan clerk, to loan officer, to compliance officer, office manager and manager of many people and departments over the years.   Compliance officer, sounds glamorous, doesn’t it?Well, I must have thought so or didn’t know what I was getting into back in -----.    They asked, I said yes, I went to Compliance School in Norman Oklahoma and have been the compliance officer of the bank ever since.   For those of you that don’t know, the compliance officer oversees making sure the bank and its employees are following all the Federal and State Banking Compliance Regulations.   Le

25 Years at LSB

It’s hard to believe I am celebrating my 25 th year with Libertyville Savings Bank. I can’t believe the years have flown by so quickly. At the time I was hired, LSB had just one office and it was in Libertyville.   I started at the bank as the drive-up teller. I loved working the drive-up window, helping file checks and working up statements (at that time we still had to physically count the checks and put them in the statements to be mailed out). In those days, we weighed the statements on a scale, made piles based on postage needed, and physically put the stamps on the statements. My co-workers instantly became my second family as we bonded while working on these projects.   In 1996, I moved to Fairfield to work in the temporary trailer that we used as an office until our new Fairfield location was complete. At that time, I was pregnant with my first child. The teller line in the trailer was just big enough for me to wait on a customer at the drive then I would literally

Clues From Cash

KnowBe4 Security Tips - Top 5 Facebook Scams Facebook now has over a Billion users, that's a mind-boggling thousand million people who check their page regularly. The bad guys are irresistibly attracted to a population that large, and here are the Top 5 Scams they are trying to pull off every day of the year.   1.         Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile lures you with messages from friends or sometimes malicious ads on your wall to check who has looked at your profile. But when you click, your profile will be exposed to the scammer and worse things happen afterward. 2.         The Facebook Color Changer App tries to trick you to personalize your Facebook page, but it also leads you to phishing sites, deceives you to share the app with friends, and infects your mobile devices with malware. Stay away from it. 3.         Fake Naked Videos There are tons of fake naked videos being posted all the time using the names of celebrities like Riha

Money Smart Tips

In honor of Money Smart Week April 21 st through April 27 th we shared a tip each day from different members of our LSB Team on our Facebook page!      Day 1.) Money Smart tips from CEO, Jill Burnett, “1.) When I am considering any purchase, I decide is this a need or a want? All wants have to be paid for in cash, and many times I make myself wait a week or longer to see if I still really want it. 2.) Pack your lunch. Not only do you eat better food, you don’t waste $10.00 a day eating out. That can really add up! 3.) Complete at least an annual financial statement. I do one semiannually. This allows me to see how my net worth is progressing.”      Day 2.) Money Smart Tips on home buying from our Real Estate lender, Deb Troutman. "Homebuying is not what you see on television. Stop looking for perfection, the perfect property doesn’t exist. As long as you have more pros than cons you are headed in the right direction. Be prepared to make compromises as you may not get every