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Music Man

     Music is a universal language that we all connect with. It doesn’t matter where we live, work or play.   Music evokes all kinds of emotions including happy or sad, excited or disappointed, connected or removed, carefree or burdened, relaxed or stressed, all depending on what we hear and when we hear it.   Music has been a journey of a lifetime, presenting a wide variety of opportunities to share it with others.      Singing and playing a trombone in high school was the beginning of the journey, being in band, chorus, and small groups at contest.   High school musicals including The Fantastics were fun to participate in as an actor and singer.   With encouragement from my parents, I continued with music classes and lessons along with being in the Hawkeye Marching Band while majoring in business at Iowa.      After entering the working world, expectations were the music was going to end.   Somehow, those expectations were wrong.   Over the past forty plus years, I became in