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Maybe you Can Teach an old Dog Some New Tricks

I decided to test this theory by enrolling in piano lessons.   No, I didn’t enroll my dog in piano lessons (I don’t have a dog). The “old dog” being referenced is myself and the “new trick” I’m being taught is how to play piano. I love music and have always had a desire to play, but never pursued it.   I’m not sure what I was waiting for the past 40+ years?   Perhaps my mind sublimely knew getting 10 fingers to play 88 keys was not going to be easy.   Add a smidge of procrastination, the fact nothing comes natural for me (no hidden talent just waiting to be unleashed), and the result is years of delay. After coming to the realization that I wasn’t going to wake-up from some dream as a concert pianist, I decided to enroll in lessons. As I write this blog, I have 2 lessons under my belt and here is what I’ve learned: Flash cards are not just for kids.   Yes, this adult is learning her piano notes with flash cards.   It seemed silly at first, but I learned quick they work.