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Last Field Trip for Libertyville Elementary

Wow, where did the school year go?   As we started out the school year in August of 2016 we had heard some rumbling that they were planning on closing our small, close knit school, Libertyville Elementary.   So, at the next board meeting a large group of community members and school employees gathered to learn that yes, our school was on the chopping block.   The next few months were full of emotions and by January we learned the fate of our school, it was set to close at the end of the school year.   In the next few days I had to sit back and think how am I going to make this ok for my student as well as for the other students.   Everyone is upset, but we had to be able to move on and make it the best year ever.   So, our parent group decided we were going to take an all school field trip to the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines, IA.   Lots of planning and organizing had to be done and we all pulled together and got it all planned.   The morning of the trip was still very stressful

Addition to the Family...

No, it’s not a new grandchild yet, but if either one of our kids are reading this you know your mom likes to shop, and that would give her a valid reason that I couldn’t argue with.   You know how when you’re young and just married everyone tells you that getting a dog is good practice for when you have kids?   Well, I think there’s some truth to that.   I’ve had dogs my whole life.   From the time I could walk until now.   They’ve been some of the best companions a person could ever ask for.   Over the last 30 years I’ve been partial to German Shorthair Pointers.   I enjoy pheasant and quail hunting and these dogs have always served the need extremely well.   Not only are they excellent hunters and retrievers but they are extremely family oriented pets.   They love being part of the family.   Last summer, “Lucy,” my 14-year-old shorthair passed away, leaving her son, “Jake,” as our only dog.   My son, Davis, had recently purchased “Bella” a 3-year-old shorthair.   He said, “Dad, wh