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Clues From Cash

  KnowBe4 Security Tips - Unexpected Emails   When you receive an email from an online service or business partner that you are not expecting, proceed with caution. For example, if you receive an email from eBay stating that you have just won an online auction, there are a couple of questions you should ask yourself. Are you a member of eBay? (This goes for online banking as well. If you receive an email from a bank you do not have an account with, do not click any links) Did you bid on any auctions recently? (If you did not bid, you cannot have won)   This does not apply to eBay alone. The bad guys can use any online service such as banking, shopping and social networking to try and trick you. Remember to Stop, Look, and Think before clicking on any email links. When in doubt, open a web browser and visit the company website of the person who sent you the email

Thoughts for Spring

As I write this it is raining and April 5 th , 2017. It appears things are pretty soggy right now. The weather is cold and gloomy out and most people are longing to see the sun shine. Some years at this time the farmers are running hard and some of the early birds already have tried planting a little corn. Two weeks ago it looked as if this could be the case this year. It is interesting how things can change essentially overnight! It appears that it could be a week or two before we even have the opportunity to get in the fields! Right now I am thinking about the Rye that I need to kill on my farm and how it is getting taller than I want. How much will this affect ground temperatures? How quickly the corn will be able to emerge? Will the corn act sluggish on emergence like it did last year? How will the markets react to the threat of delayed planting? So many questions with so many different outcomes! As farmers, there is one thing that we can count on and this is the fact that everythi


Culture, in business, is one of those new terms that is fuzzy, warm, and challenging to define.   LSB has spent the last decade developing, celebrating, measuring, and preserving our culture. It started slowly, approximately 10 years ago, when we began to write and define standards for different areas of the bank.   One by one these standards were developed, practiced, shopped, and celebrated. Our culture team experimented and learned through success and failure.   The staff created a code to live by at work.    Each year this culture team creates their own strategic plan on how to improve and maintain the LSB culture. They meet regularly to move projects ahead and are relentless in their vision.   LSB has been selected a “Top Places to Work in Iowa “three years running. We have also been ranked as one of the top culture banks in the nation through independent 3 rd party surveys.   I am proud of our staff, culture team, and leadership team for their dedication in making LSB