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Be ready for change and go with the flow, you might just like it!

This is so true in regard to our vacation this year.   The last several years we have gone on vacation with my sister and my brother-in-law.   Each year we pick a new destination and the vacation begins.   We headed out this year for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.   My husband and I had visited Myrtle Beach a few years ago and couldn’t wait to go back.   When we visited last time we went to the ocean every day.   When we got there this year, after a few minutes of choppy water, my sister figured out she was not a big fan of the tide coming in and knocking her around and decided she much preferred the pool we had walked past on our way to the ocean.   So, we packed up our stuff and headed to the pool.   I had expected each day we’d be on the sand and instead we were in lounge chairs on the concrete by the pool, but I loved it. The big highlight of our trip was that the four of us were going to go on a deep-sea fishing excursion.   The guys talked us into it because the boat was ai