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Looking back to summer breaks as a child……

As the school year winds down and kids are anxiously waiting to hear that last bell ring for summer break, it makes me reflect back on what my childhood summers looked like. As a youngster we spent countless hours riding our horses up and down the dirt road, thru the creek, moving cows from pasture to pasture and swinging off the monkey bars. My first horse (really a pony) was named April and she was an ornery Shetland pony. I was around the age of 5 when Aunt would saddle April, slap her on the behind, and off we would go. Until one day something spooked her and she took off with me bouncing in the saddle. I held on for dear life even when the saddle came loose and I found myself under her belly, still hanging on. Eventually she stopped. My sisters; Kendra, Amy and I spent most of our time making forts in the haymow, viewing   the sow’s and their babies as our movie theater, the loft we jumped out of was our trampoline, the stock tank was our swimming pool and the combine ou

Zach Graduating

My son Zach will be graduating from high school on Sunday, June 5 th .  It is hard for me to believe his high school days are over.  It seems like just yesterday my mom was telling me how fast the next four years would fly by.  I remember rolling my eyes as if to say ‘whatever’.  As in most cases, she was right.  Of all his high school years, his senior year has definitely been the fastest.  It all started last summer when we started visiting colleges.  We went to UNI first.  We had a nice visit, but I wasn’t crazy about the drive he would have to make.  Not that it was hard, it just seemed like it took forever to get there.  On our way home, I remembered him saying “that’s where I am going”.  I just nodded my head and smiled.  It wasn’t too long after visiting UNI, he decided to visit Iowa.   I was secretly jumping for joy as this is where I wanted him to go all along.  Not only am I a huge Hawkeye fan, I also new I could be to Iowa City in 55 minutes if he needed me. After the vis