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Washington D.C. Trip

Last week I had the privilege to travel with a group of Iowa Bankers to the American Bankers Association Government Summit in Washington D.C. The Iowa Bankers Association asked me to go and take part in the Emerging Leaders Forum. At the forum there were over 200 emerging leaders from 44 states. The forum started with a networking lunch. This was a great way to meet some other young bankers from around the country. Some of the speakers at the forum were Rob Nichols, CEO of ABA; U.S. Representative William Hurd from Texas; Trey Maust Co, founder and CEO of Lewis and Clark Bank.   The forum covered a wide range of topics including cyber security, engaging policymakers in banking priorities and maximizing leadership opportunities, just to name a few.   Over all, the forum was a great experience.   On the second day of the conference they had several great speakers during the general session. Probably the best speaker I heard while I was there was Dana Perino who was the Press Secr

Bank Boards

I have served on the Libertyville Savings Bank’s board for the past 15 years or so.   Prior to that I worked within the bank since 1992 and in my very deep past I was one of those dreaded bank examiners. Our board is currently made up of 3 outside directors – those that do not work in banking and 6 internal directors – those that work for the bank.   Being a bank director radically changed over the past 15 years. Gone are the days of reviewing the new loans and approving some basic policies.   With increased regulation and oversight bank boards are required to do so much more. These individuals that serve as outside directors have to understand lending and the risks involved, Cyber risks, bank regulations which number in the 100’s, bank financials, strategic planning, HR items such as   the Affordable Care Act, FMLA, Affirmative Action, and the list goes on.   They spend hours reading and studying for the monthly meetings in order to come prepared for the decisions that nee