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My favorite little girl, Miss Collyns Elizabeth Wood, and I (and her mom, Kacie J ) created a snowflake together for a snowflake contest held by LSB recently.   We traced Collyns’s hands, nipped the traced paper here and there, glued them to a board and added sprinkles.   The sprinkles were Collyns’s job.   She did a great!   Such simple things can mean so much.                  Submitted by Amber McDowell

Elf on the Shelf

  My oldest daughter is 11 years old and this Christmas I really thought was going to be the explanation of Santa Claus.   Until Thanksgiving Day rolls around and out of no where appears an Elf on the Shelf.   Now if you are not familiar with Elf on the Shelf, this little Elf arrives at your house to watch your children and then flies back to Santa each night and reports how your child was behaving or the wishes and wants of your child.   Each morning when your children wake up the Elf has moved into a different location and the children must find it.   So, each day until Christmas, Dot (the name our elf was given by my daughters) moved and reported to Santa accordingly.   My oldest daughter never skipped a beat, each morning she was on the hunt for Dot and never questioned me about anything.   So Christmas Eve rolls around and Dot is getting ready to fly back to the North Pole with Santa, my daughter leaves an extra cookie and some milk for Dot just in case she is hungry on the rid