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What is your biggest fear?   I have 2, snakes and speaking in front of large crowds.   My colleagues always say how great I am talking to customers but that is a little different than standing in front of a large group with all the focus on you.    A few weeks ago I was asked to talk in front of 300 students and staff members to present a product for the bank.   My initial thought was, ‘this is going to be great!’   Then the day before the event my mind starts to think what have you gotten yourself into, how are you going to do this, what if you lose control of 300 students, how are you going to bring them back?    The day of the event comes and I am trying not to even think about what is going to happen later, then the time comes.   I get to the school and I am a little nervous but doing ok, I have 2 other colleagues with me and they are reassuring me that I will be fine and that I can do this.   They were not offering to do it for me though. J   The principal makes the announceme