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This Old House

Approximately 5 years ago I moved back to the family farm to a house that had not been inhabited for about 15 years.  Amazingly, everything was in fairly good shape, but like any old house the windows needed replaced and some of the plaster needed repaired.  The house is 99 years old.  Even us humans need a little work after that long! First task was to strip the wall paper in the living room, dining room and stairway.  A friend was unemployed at the time and offered to help, Thank the Lord .  After much hard work, approximately three months time and some help from other family members we were ready to paint.  One project done!  Now to the kitchen which was last remodeled in the early 70’s.  Yep, you guessed it, paneling throughout, and a suspended ceiling which made you feel claustrophobic.  So my friend and I decided to get rid of the suspended ceiling. My friend had remodeled and gutted three houses, so she was a pro.  I’m another story, a rookie, a virgin, crazy were names you c