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Our State Fair is a Great State Fair!   I just spent three straight days at the Iowa State Fair with my wife and my three youngest kids. The kids were showing their Boer goats in the 4-H show. We’d never shown any livestock at the State Fair before and I have to admit, I was a bit apprehensive about the whole deal. How would our stock compare to the competition? How would we ever get everything unloaded and loaded back up again with all the traffic and the people? Well, as with most things I worry about, I shouldn’t have wasted my time worrying at all! The Fair organizers are great. After all, this is not their first rodeo so any problems we might have encountered had already been ironed out years earlier. We had a packet of instructions two weeks in advance. It included all of the check in dates and times along with the appropriate gate assignments and parking stickers. We had everything unloaded and penned up within an hour of our arrival! There was plenty of helpful sta

Poor Linus

Due to a fight with a raccoon, a scratch on Linus’ face quickly turned into an infected mess.    After 2 trips to the vet, with the 2 nd trip requiring an over night stay, Linus came home wearing a cone.   We have owned dogs for years and I am grateful that this was our first cone experience, and hopefully our last.   When my husband said Linus had to wear the cone for 3 weeks, I thought...impossible.   There is no arguing the simplicity and effectiveness of the cone; it keeps animals from reaching parts of their body they are to leave alone.   That is easily said if you are not the one wearing it.   Linus is a 3 year old, very energetic 100 pound golden retriever.   Linus’ peripheral vision was affected, as was his hearing.   Heat built inside cone. During an adventure to the cattle lot on a rainy day, water built up inside the cone then ran slowly down his neck.   It took days for his neck to dry out since there was limited air hitting his neck.   He had to learn to eat and drin