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Christmas, 2014

For the first time ever, my husband and I attended his ex-wife’s Christmas celebration yesterday.   It was the best time I’ve had at a Christmas celebration in a very long time.   The ex-in laws met us in the drive way with hugs and kisses and thanked us repeatedly for coming.   We got the same greeting inside from ex-sisters and brothers in law. The food was unbelievably wonderful and the libations a flowing.   My step son repeatedly whispered in my ear, “it’s like Christmas with the Cranks” and “might as well call us the Griswalds” to which I assured him not to hold any embarrassment, as it is obvious that this family loves each other for who they are and nothing less.   We sat at the very long gorgeous table with 15 or 20 of four generations in a 100 century old farm house and watched as a great grandchild performed for the entire group on his new plastic toy guitar.   The faces of encouragement were enough to warm any heart.   Thank you Bev, CD, Carol Ann and all for so genuinely w


At least once a year I normally will attend an offsite meeting that requires me to travel the “friendly skies.”  This year was no different. We purchased a new core software system and were offered two tickets to a Banking Conference in Orlando, Florida. Fun...right? The conference was fantastic, but once again I had another action packed trip in the air. For a little background, in June we had just finished a huge software conversion that required about a year of planning and information gathering. Every day we were signing, amending, and terminating contracts and building reports to supply the new vendor with information. Our new software provider offered us the tickets and it sounded like an interesting trip. I had taken a week off to travel to Colorado with my family when Jill e-mailed me and asked if I would like to attend. After some discussion I agreed to go and politely said I would let her handle the reservations as I had no preference.  Big mistake!  Never let your boss or