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First Ever Trip to the Lake

My grand daughter is 2½ years old and as with most completely prejudice grandparents, I think she’s pretty awesome.   Last month she made her first trip to the Lake of the Ozarks and had the grandest of times.   Collyns has had some baby swimming lessons, but she had only been in a pool and of course never on a waive runner or in a boat.   After only a short spell, she made herself at home at the lake house and back and forth to the dock…..and back and forth to the dock……and back and forth to the dock….life jacket on… jacket off……life jacket on… jacket off and that didn’t end   for 3 days. J     It was HOT and on the first day we found ourselves floating in the lake before noon.   Collyns’s dad has a complexion at least as fair as mine, maybe lighter.   I said, “Josh, do you have sunscreen on?” to which he replied in a big, tough guy form, “No, I’ll be alright”.    Needless to say, he was toast…..literally and figuratively….for the rest of the trip.   He looked like

College Bound

I sent my first child to college this fall.  For those of you that have done it, you know what a big event this is not only in your child’s life but in yours. I spent most of my summer analyzing what it would be like. As the day grew closer, I was not sleeping well. Is she ready? Did I raise her right? How would move in day go with all the traffic? How could we possible get all her stuff into that small dorm room?  Would she like her roommate? Would she be home sick or would I not hear from her until Thanksgiving? My mind would not shut off. When I boiled it all down, it was more about me and my identity as a parent. Not only was this a reality check that my life was moving by at what I consider a high rate of speed, but what does parenting look like when they move out? As a parent we are given no handbook, no instructions, and no guidelines when those bundles of miracles are placed in our arms for the first time. They hook us in with their smiles and their amazing personaliti