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Office Monkeys

Most people that know me, realize that I have a fascination with monkeys.   My IPad screen saver is a chimpanzee, I have monkey t-shirts, and I even say “monkeys” when I feel the need to say a profane word.   Last year, right after Thanksgiving, I had an anonymous surprise on my desk.   It was a set of office monkeys, complete with office scenery.   Office monkeys are little plastic monkey figurines that are about three inches tall and are wearing business suits.   Some are on computers, a banana phone or taking a smoke break.   They currently sit on the corner of my desk and are a conversation piece for everyone that sees them.   They don’t always sit in their office scenario and quite frankly haven’t been there for a long time.   I tend to change what they are doing to suit the holidays or events that are happening. During the holidays, two of them were dressed as Santa and an elf and the others were standing in line to see Santa.   They were carolers around a Christmas tre

Color The Earth Run

Have you ever read a quote and thought about what it really means to you?   Well, the other day I read a quote that said, “Hard, is a mindset.”   As I reflected back on that quote I thought, “Wow that is so true”! How many times have I thought something was going to be hard and after doing it, it really wasn’t, but my mind thought it was going to be.   At the beginning of 2014 my sister asked me to join her in the Color Run in Des Moines this year.   I agreed and then days after accepting thought, “This is going to be so hard I will never make it”.   So, in Fairfield, in April, there is a similar run called Color the Earth run.   I signed up thinking this would be great practice for me to see how bad a 5k really is.   For weeks I have been walking and trying to prep myself for the day.   Well, April 12, 2014 came and still the morning of the run I was nervous and not sure if I was going to be able to do it.   53 minutes later I was finishing my first 5k! Granted, I did walk it but by J