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Getting Ready for the County Fair

My sisters and I were never in 4-H when we were young so going to the county fair to me was nothing more than watching the pig show and maybe eating a corn dog. Now that I’m a parent of 3 4-H youths, I realize that it’s not that simple. There’s a lot of time and effort expended to put on a County Fair! Just at our house alone, the list of things that need to be done between now and Fair time is unbelievable. The sheep need washed and slick sheared, the goats hooves need clipped and 14 chickens need to make a visit to the vet clinic for their disease free certification. All of the associated equipment needs to be located and organized in the show box according to species. We need to order more feed so we don’t run out halfway through the fair. Fair clean up day is this Saturday so the entire family will spend the morning sprucing up the grounds. The list goes on and on and we’re just one family! The Fair Board members, the County Director and the group leaders have been workin

Part 2 - So you think you want to build a house and other crazy ideas you might have..........

For those of you who read my previous blog, you remember we had just purchased at auction, a house and some land in the country.   The auction was a rush and my wife managed to not pass out.   The plan was to remodel the house and move out there.   We had contractors look the house over and they all told us we would be spending too much money for what we would get so we were left with the question of building a new house or possibly selling what we had just bought.   Life sure can change in a hurry on you.   One minute you’re comfortable with all your surroundings and the next………..   well, let’s just say scared, confused, excited all at the same time.   The decision was made…….. sell the house in town and build in the country.   So the timeframe is October 2010 and we would like to break ground, spring of 2011.   The thinking is we have some time.   Well for those of you who have built a home you know that you start with building plans.   Seems simple enough, there must be hu