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When I was a kid, we did chores. Now the dictionary defines chores as 1) the regular or daily light work of a household or farm. Sounds almost pleasant, doesn’t it? It’s also defined as 2) a difficult or disagreeable task. I chose definition #2. When you’re 12 even the most mundane assignment becomes terribly difficult and agonizingly disagreeable. Modern technology has eliminated a lot of the chores I did. For example, we now have a clothes dryer. No more trips to the clothes line with a basket of wet clothes. We also have a dishwasher. Add a little soap and hit “start” and that chore is complete. We now own a riding lawn mower, no more pushing one around in the hot sun. The list goes on… My kids look at chores much the same as I did when I was their age. Gathering the eggs was fun the first two times they did it but the last 1000 days it’s just been a chore. It’s the same way with feeding and watering the outside pets or running the vacuum. Kinda’ fun chasing the dog with t

Dena's Blog

I have been asked to write a blog for our website. They must not know that I have never written very well and was even used as an example of bad writing in one of my high school classes.   However, I told them I would give it a try.    The first problem I had was deciding what to write about.   Most of my fellow employees have written some funny and very interesting stories.   I started to write about the night I went in the ditch during our first major snowstorm this winter, but I just didn’t like the story after I got done.    So here goes on a completely different topic, volunteering.   The Libertyville Savings Bank has been committed to encourage their employees to volunteer in their local communities. Did you know that the bank as a whole volunteered a total of 443 hours in 2012?   One of the things I enjoy about the Eldon community is the “Git R Done” attitude.   The way they have accomplished several projects in this community is by volunteering.   Everyone steps up and h