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I’m not a New Year’s Resolution guy, never have been. I know my weaknesses and I’ve become attached to them over the years. Chewing tobacco, too much coffee and an elevated cholesterol level aren’t nearly enough to get me to commit to even one New Year’s Resolution. I did hear and interesting concept on the radio on January 1. What if you could make resolutions for other people? Now you’re speakin’ my language. I could really sink my teeth into something like that. Wouldn’t it be something if we could assign a resolution to someone else and actually expect them to carry through with it? I could create my own Eutopia right here in southeast Iowa. Ralph, you need to lose some weight.   Joe, you need to change your hair style. Alex, you need to stop that annoying throat clearing habit you have. The possibilities are endless. I spent a fair amount of time thinking about this New Year’s Day. Then it occurred to me, I’d probably wind up with everyone looking and acting like me. Wou

College visit

I went to my first “college visit day” a couple weeks ago with my 16 year old daughter who is a junior in high school. Oh my, how things have changed yet stayed the same from when I attended college 30 years ago. First I must say, I was proud that the first school she picked to visit was my   alma mater Iowa State University. She started out as a huge Hawkeye fan as a young child, but after years of brain washing, I finally got her on the right track. This is what I call good parenting. J After registering on line for the visit day, we proceed to receive several phone calls prior to the actual day from ISU students. They were just calling to make sure we knew where we were going and had the agenda for the day, etc. We visited on a Friday arrived at the ole Memorial Union at approximately 8:00 am. I was a little surprised to find a line out onto Lincoln Way waiting with cars to get into the parking ramp. Come to find out, there were at least 150 to 200 students and families a