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Tree stands; they’re dangerous.

I’ve been shot gun hunting deer since I was a teenager.  I’d say about 30 years.  I’ve spent more time driving deer than in any tree stand, but in the last 10 years or so, less driving and more tree stands.  Must be a sign that I’m getting old.  Every year is a new adventure, but also a familiar ritual.  We spend several evenings leading up to opening weekend making sure we have everything we need.  Are there enough shells, both 12 and 20 gauge?  What will the weather to be like?  Will I need my insulated hunting pants or not?  This year, of course, was a NOT as we reached close to 70 degrees on a few days.  And, one of the most important issues…..the menu!  This year it was biscuits and gravy the first morning, chili and smoked turkey sandwiches for lunch, rib eyes from Chommy’s for supper, sausage breakfast casserole the second morning with a side of bacon, ham with homemade mac and cheese and cole slaw for the final meal and left overs on out. As normal, we must strategiz