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The Trials and Tribulations of a New Parent

My wife and I recently had our first child, Jackson, born in October. Throughout our short time as parents, we have learned a lot. One thing I was reminded of was the old adage “never say never.” After we found out we were expecting, people at work would pass along stories to me about what to expect, things they remembered, and various other stories they thought I might enjoy. I remember about 2:30 one day, Jill asking me if I had been peed on. I found this to be unusual and of course I was “Super Dad” and I told her that I wasn’t going to be peed on because I had changed both of my nephew’s diapers and I knew all you needed to do was flip the diaper back on him and treat it as a shield. She laughed and told me that at a certain point he would wear me down and I WOULD be peed on. She went on, “not only will you be peed on but you will be spit up on and you will get to the point that you will be able to sit down change a diaper in the middle of supper and later be so desperate for


A few weeks ago I had the privilege to make pie in a world famous house.  It all started when I read the book Making Piece a memoir of love, loss and pie by Beth M Howard.  Beth lives in the American Gothic House in Eldon.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book and was researching Beth’s website when I came across her pie baking classes.  That’s how my idea sparked. Once a year, I try to pull off a surprise outing with my sisters.  This would be our 3rd annual, and this year we would make pies.  The date was set, and now it was a matter of keeping it a surprise.  My sisters knew they were to be at my house at 10 am for brunch and the surprise day would unfold from there.  All was going as planned until 3 weeks or so before our pie making date.  Beth emailed me and asked if it was ok if Iowa Public Television filmed our class.  Wow!  As much as I wanted to say no, I knew I would say yes.  What fun!  Or at least it was for me; I knew IPTV would be there.  My sisters might not be as keen t