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Iowa Integrity The definition of Integrity: “Doing the right thing when no one else is watching” My teenage daughter recently went with the high school choir group on a bus trip to New York City. She had a great time on the trip, as they toured old cathedrals, saw Broadway shows and ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. The last day of the trip they took a ferry over to see the Statue of Liberty. Sydney said the weather was rainy and cold and it was difficult to see the great lady. While over on the island, they were to eat lunch at one of the many fast food tourist restaurants. She ordered her lunch of approximately $12.00, promptly handed the lady a $20.00 bill, got her change and her food. When she sat down at the table to eat with her friends, she realized that the employee had given her the wrong change back – she had gotten more back that she should of, therefore shorting the restaurant. Sydney promptly went back in line with her receipt and change. When she got back to th

Bank Regulation

My first job out of college was working for the State of Iowa Division of Banking. I traveled with a group of guys around the southern part of the state for 5 years examining banks. Not only was this a great experience for my future career, but I met some fantastic people that are still my friends today. LSB is currently being examined by the State of Iowa. Most people do not know what really goes on when all those people with suits show up to check out the local bank. Banks experience several different layers of review each year: Safety and Soundness exams, CPA audits, Compliance exams – it goes on and on. Currently they are conducting a Safety and Soundness Exam. Exams are conducted by either the State of Iowa or the FDIC every other year. Their main objective is to determine if the bank is being operated in a safe and sound manner in order to protect the consumer/depositor. They look at almost every area of the bank including the IT department, capital adequacy, asset qualit