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I’ve been reading an interesting book titled The Best Year of Your Life by Debbie Ford.   I purchased the book with a friend in mind, but I always like to read my recommendations first.   I decided early on in the book that I needed to order another copy for my friend and keep this one for myself.   A chapter regarding excuses really hit home with me.   That’s one area I feel I have mastered well.   Debbie states that “Excuses are automatic; they take no thinking or creativity.   For many of us, we are so familiar with our excuses that we don’t even realize they are excuses and we often mistake them for the truth”.   She encourages us to make the powerful choice to give up our favorite, most justified excuse.     Wow…which one to pick?   Do I know the difference between reality and an excuse?   Debbie says in order to have the best year of your life; you need to become more committed to your vision than to your excuse.   So, I’m going to commit to the high road and start my journ