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One Rainy Day

This past Saturday I stared out my living room window with a big grin on my face. I was calling friends, neighbors and fellow bank employees. I dragged my wife and kids into the room to stare out the window with me. Why? What was this wonderful phenomenon I was witnessing? It was raining. It’s a simple thing. A cold front runs into a warm front, the moist air is lifted up to the point of condensation and it rains. But oh what a difference one rainy day can make. My whole demeanor has changed. I’m smiling again, my attitude is better and my stomach quit hurting. My small patch of corn looks great and more importantly, our customers’ crops look great too. Our entire local economy benefitted from one rainy day. I can remember a similar time or two from my childhood. It always followed some sort of prolonged dry spell of course. It would finally cloud up and rain an inch or two some afternoon and my whole family would cheer up. You couldn’t notice the strain the dry weather had put

My Diabetic Dolly

My Diabetic Dolly My blue heeler, Dolly, is 12 years old.   I got her when she was 6 weeks old from Steve Durham when we lived in Keota.   Steve’s wife, Lou Anne, now works for us in the Keosauqua office.   He brought her to the Fairfield office in a cardboard box and I paid $85 dollars for her.   It was mid-March, 2000.   We had recently survived Y2K (thank God we’re still all alive after that, right? J ).   Anyway, Dolly spent the afternoon in what is now the public bathroom making little puppy noises that made people wonder what on earth was in there.   She was an adorable little black and grey fuzz ball! She put a tooth through my big thumb nail when we came back from the vet after being spayed because I tried to get her out of the car inappropriately I guess, and it hurt.   She slept in bed with my step-kids for years and next to our bed for years when they weren’t around.   She loved riding on the golf cart with the kids too.   That went on for hours at a time. We took her