"Like magic a box arrived at my doorstep."

I’m a person who likes to find something positive in almost everything.  There are few things I can honestly say I dislike, except one, cooking.  I grew up with homemade meals and desserts cooked with love by Mom.  There were no precooked or boxed anything that came out of her kitchen – 100% from scratch always.

My older sister Lori has the same cooking/baking talents and there are few places she would rather be than in the kitchen. I, on the other hand, would rather spend my time doing anything but cooking. I dislike grocery shopping, have zero culinary skills, don’t do well at planning meals, and there is nothing more frustrating than spending time making a dish and have it turn out mediocre at best. The whole process induces stress for me.

Tired of take-out and looking for alternatives, I decided to try a “meal kit by mail” company and there are many to choose from. Some have pre-cooked meals while others send ingredients to make the meal yourself. I went the make yourself route, selected three meals, and anxiously awaited their arrival.

Like magic a box arrived at my doorstep that I opened with hesitation on what I might find. Were the meals going to be as good as their website made them look? Would the ingredients be fresh? Would there be any ingredients missing? Would the meal prep instructions be easy to follow? I was relieved to find everything met my expectations and then some. 

They made the process so easy; I actually enjoyed my time in the kitchen! Each meal took less than 45 minutes to prep/cook and over the next three evenings I whipped up some great tasting meals including “Shrimp Bruschetta Risotto”. Sounds fancy and certainly a dish I had never made before, but my result somewhat resembled the recipe and it tasted great. It was a miracle!   

Maybe there is still hope for me in the kitchen, it just took a very non-traditional approach to make it happen. 😊 

By: Tonya Gross


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