Wow...10 Years!

As I sit here and ponder what I should write about, something my mom told me when I was a teenager crept inside my thoughts.  “Never wish your life away.  The years go by so much faster the older you get.”  I remember thinking, no way was that going to happen to me.  I couldn’t wait to go to college, get married, and start my family, but as much as I hate to admit it, she was right.

I started working at Libertyville Savings Bank in September 2010 as a teller.  My daughter Shelby was twelve at the time and my son Zach was only seven.  Not only am I now celebrating ten years at LSB, Shelby is now a graduate of Iowa State University with a degree in Genetics and Zachary is going to be a senior at Fairfield High School with plans to also attend ISU to study Electrical Engineering.

As my kids have grown and evolved in their lives, I have also grown and evolved.  Within the first year of being at LSB, I became the Deposit Compliance Officer as well as being a teller.  Five years ago, I moved from teller to head teller, as well as retaining the Deposit Compliance Officer position.  As we began growing, compliance also began changing for us, so three years ago, I became Jennifer Martin’s assistant as well as continuing to be the Deposit Compliance Officer.  Each position has offered me new challenges and ways to grow and gain a better understanding of banks and banking.

Not only is LSB a great place to work, but everyone here is a second family.  They have helped me navigate my dad’s open-heart surgery and cancer issues, my daughter’s health issues that occurred suddenly this summer, and my own health concerns.  Everyone is so caring and always quick to congratulate on special happy events in our lives or give a shoulder to lean on in the sad times.

My first ten years at LSB have flown by and I am looking forward to the next ten, but I am not going to wish those years away. 

By: Shawn Holcomb


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