Always a Horse

If you have never ridden a horse this might be hard to understand, but there is a power, a freedom, and peace about it.  On the back of my horse is one of my happy places.  Since the age of around five I have had a pony or a horse. Starting with my pony General, the beginning of love for the soul and the spirit of a horse. 

After General came Satin, my Welsh pony. I spent so many hours with this horse. He could pull a cart that my parents bought for me. I taught him to lay down and sit up. We barrel raced at Douds Field Day along with all other kinds of events. We swam across ponds, camped out in old barns, rode thru parades, moved and worked cattle. We were trusted friends. I was blessed to have had the opportunity as a child to have a horse.

When we bought our farm in the early 90s, I had to have a horse and then came Jewel.  She was a kind soul with a beautiful spirit. We had a lot of good years together. We did hours of trail riding, rode to the Ft Madison Rodeo and camped in Franklin, Iowa on the way.  We also still had Satin at my parents, so he came to the farm and the kids learned to ride. My only years without a horse were when I was away at college and when I was first married, and we lived in town.

After we lost Satin, I bought the kids a pony for Christmas - Angel. She wasn’t always an Angel but the kids especially Paige had some of the same childhood memories I had with my pony. She rode with me to Ft Madison and we trail rode all over the farm. I hope some of her best memories.

A winter ago, we lost Jewel and this past year we lost Angel.  It is hard to say goodbye to the creatures that have shared your life and made possible so many memories. What makes it easier is when you have a friend that will come whenever you need him to bury your horses sun, rain or snow.  I am forever grateful.

All the horses have been special that have shared different times of my life. But I had the blessing of buying my current horse, Maddy, a couple years ago. She was four and a friend of mine didn’t think she was quite the right horse for him. He said just take her home and try her out. She had been hauled all over, been roped on and was a better trained horse than I really needed. It was a tough decision to pay that much for a horse.  But let me tell you, she is worth every cent!  😊 She is the best horse and my happy place.  

If I just need to get away and clear my mind from the crazy world around me, there is nowhere better than on the back of my horse.

By Laura Gaston



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