For the Love of a Dog

 I have owned my fair share of dogs over the years and have loved them all, but what I have seen develop between Blake and his dog, Gunner, is something special.  Our youngest son, Blake, who is 11 years old, got his first puppy, Gunner in July of 2019. Gunner was about 8 weeks old when we brought him home, an English Chocolate Lab, the last of a litter from Ryan and Randi Troutman.

It didn’t take Gunner long to settle into his new routine.  Between Blake and our older beagle, Bluegill, Gunner learned the ropes.  Blake taught him to sit, stay, lay down and go up and down a loading ramp.  He taught him to load into the ranger and kennel into his kennel.  They wrestle each other, jump in the creeks and ponds, and play keep away daily.  Then COVID hits, and Blake is home more than ever without baseball or school.  Gunner is his go-to playmate.  They travel miles through the timber, down the old dirt road, and through the pastures exploring together.  Whenever Blake is outside, Gunner is by his side, a tandem of boy and dog.

I am grateful that Gunner came into Blake’s and our family’s life.  He is a constant reminder of what is good in the world!

By Jill Burnett 



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