My Quarantine Life

As we all try and make sense of our “new normal” lives due to the pandemic, my first reaction was feeling scared and anxious of the unknown. I have found the pandemic to be very eye opening. I realized that I fly through my days and hardly ever take a step back to relax and truly appreciate the little things. During my quarantine, I wanted to take advantage of the time and focus a little more on self-growth. So, I made some goals to help me stay focused without falling into the routine of binge-watching Netflix everyday (which occasionally happened, but only the rainy days). A couple of my goals were to read more, enjoy the outdoors, express my gratitude better, and mainly learn how to take a deep breath and slow my days down. I succeeded in all my goals and looking back I am glad I had that time to relax and grow. I enjoyed the time flexibility quarantine gave me. It allowed me to wake up to endless options for the day (of course ones that included social distancing).

Many of those days were the same and included waking up refreshed, drinking coffee on our front porch; watching our dog Kimber run around and play, making breakfast midmorning, doing a home workout, eating lunch, and then going for a long trail walk with Kimber. Other days were far from those “new normal” days during quarantine. These days included lots of tractor rides, running lunches to the fields, being a taxi from field to field, and helping in the hog buildings. I personally think I am excellent at making lunches and being a taxi from field to field; but I will admit that I am not the best helper in the hog building. I say this because I am always trying to pet and talk to the pigs which doesn’t make chores very efficient.

During my quarantine, I have learned to really appreciate the little things and appreciate the old normal that we all were so quick to dread. I am happy to be back at work and have such a great work family. Time flies, when you’re having fun! 😊
By: Kenady Waugh


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