Memorial Day 2019, we added another member to our family. Tucker is a miniature golden doodle. Tucker’s mom is a golden retriever and his dad is a miniature poodle. My youngest daughter had wanted a dog for a couple years, but with us on the go, traveling to her and her sister’s sporting events, the answer was, “no, we are not home enough to have a dog”.  Mom finally gave in.  After months of my daughter asking, I said “ok”. I had thought of how many pets I had as a kid, and finally concluded that I was not really being fair to her. So began our search.  I had a golden retriever before I had my girls and loved him and his temperament, but we were living in town and our house was smaller.  I thought maybe we should try to go with a smaller dog, but still wanted the temperament of the golden retriever. So, my daughter and I went to the internet and began looking.  We came upon the mixes of breeds with golden retrievers and found golden doodles.  We kept looking and found a place not to far from us that had miniature golden doodles. We looked at the web page and what puppies they had available.   Instantly she fell in love.  We contacted the breeder and the one she fell in love with online was already sold.   They told us not to worry they had many litters coming and it would be best if we came down and visited. So last April we headed down to West Point and picked out her puppy.  We were told that we could come and pick him up in 4 weeks when he would be 8 weeks old. We headed to West Point the morning of Memorial Day to pick up our newest family member.  My girls were so excited, it was like it was Christmas when they were little, and they just couldn’t wait to take him home.

Over the next weeks, it was like having a newborn baby at home, getting up in the middle of the night to take him out to go to potty…. And, of course, this was mom’s job even though this was my daughters’ dog. As the months went by, he got better about sleeping through the night and holding it till morning.  Tucker took many adventures early on his life, he attended softball games and even took a ride in the dump truck. He is always smiling! Yes, I said smiling.  When we get home, he is smiling so big that you can hear him snort.  I have only seen one other dog in my life smile.  It was a Doberman pincher when I was a kid and I was freaked out thinking she would bite, but she was just happy to see you.  The people that see him smile sometimes will say, “Will he bite?”, and we just say “No, he’s smiling!”

I had forgotten what it was like to have a dog, happy to see you when you get home and you could be having the worst day in the world but they can make it all go away with a wag of the tail, or in or our case, a smile.

By: Talia McClure


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