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Memorial Day 2019, we added another member to our family. Tucker is a miniature golden doodle. Tucker’s mom is a golden retriever and his dad is a miniature poodle. My youngest daughter had wanted a dog for a couple years, but with us on the go, traveling to her and her sister’s sporting events, the answer was, “no, we are not home enough to have a dog”.   Mom finally gave in.   After months of my daughter asking, I said “ok”. I had thought of how many pets I had as a kid, and finally concluded that I was not really being fair to her. So began our search.   I had a golden retriever before I had my girls and loved him and his temperament, but we were living in town and our house was smaller.   I thought maybe we should try to go with a smaller dog, but still wanted the temperament of the golden retriever. So, my daughter and I went to the internet and began looking.   We came upon the mixes of breeds with golden retrievers and found golden doodles.   We kept looking and found a place