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Love and Loss

Up until the last year, I had been very fortunate that I have not lost anyone significantly close to me. Like most, I thought I knew what to expect.   How very wrong I was. My experience was scary, numbing, exhausting, and incredibly soul shaking.   I lost my mom on Oct 16, 2018.   She was a kind loving individual, who gave without expectation. Her last few years were a health struggle, but that did not stop her wonderful smile and ornery attitude. She was gracious until the end. I cried everyday for over a month after her death. I still cry and think of her daily. I wonder what it is like in heaven.   I have questions that will never be answered. I wish I knew how to cook and garden as well as she did, I wish I knew how to can, I wish I knew how to make homemade jelly, I wish… By: Jill Burnett