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Small Town USA

LSB is using the “Small Town USA” theme for our parade entries this year. To me it is very fitting as I grew up in a small town and back then we were a thriving little town. Two grocery stores, two gas stations, a hardware store, grain elevator, and a bulk oil company. Then, like so many small towns around, businesses started closing as people were shopping in Fairfield and it gradually seemed to be dying. This year Ragbrai announced their route in February and our little town was the breakfast stop on day 6.    A committee was formed and we met monthly until July, organizing what we would provide for the 20,000 visitors that day. I didn’t know what to expect regarding who would come forward and volunteer. To say the least I was overwhelmed by everyone that came forward and helped do “whatever” to get our small town ready. We cleaned the streets, pulled weeds, painted buildings etc. and it wasn’t only one or two people it was a group that has pride in our community and doesn’t wa