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Round #2

Three summers ago, I was preparing for my oldest son Zach to start his senior year of high school.   I remember it being a busy summer as we began making college visits, having senior pictures taken and Zach taking the ACT.   Then the school year started and with a blink of the eye the year was over, and I was sitting at graduation wondering how I had survived it all.   Well, I am about to embark on round # 2 with my son Drew.   I clearly remember saying to myself after I dropped Zach off at college, that I was on easy street for a while and could just sit back and enjoy the next few years.   Well those few years have flown by and I must admit that I am not looking forward to this next embarkment.   I was spoiled with Zach, as he just took care of everything.   Being the eldest child, he always took charge and handled responsibilities.   Now we know as parents, that none of our children are ever the same and that is true with my boys.    Drew is my fun loving, always has a smil


My childhood was shaped by the 1980s farm crisis.   My dad had (and still has) a passion for farming.   His dream in life was to have enough land of his own to support a family and a small cow-calf herd.   My dad started out farming with my grandparents near Boone, Iowa.   My parents married in 1974, and bought their first farm near Fraser, Iowa around 1977.   They slowly grew their herd and acquired more land and had three children along the way.   Though I was young, I remember this time being a happy and peaceful time.   Then, disaster struck – crop prices fell, interest rates climbed, farm debt soared, and land values bottomed out.   I remember vividly the moment that seemed to push our family to the brink – lighting struck our new barn, causing a fire. We lost the barn, equipment and cows right in middle of calving season.   Just as I was finishing kindergarten, my dad was giving up on his dream.   What followed was our family moving from town to town as my dad tried to find wo