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Getting Ready for the County Fair

My sisters and I were never involved in 4-H or FFA when we were young, so going to the county fair to me was nothing more than watching the pig show and maybe eating a corn dog.   Now that I’m a parent of three 4-H / FFA youths, I realize that it’s not that simple.   A lot of time and effort goes into putting on a successful County Fair! Just at our house alone, the list of things that need to be done between now and Fair time is unbelievable.   The goats need washed, groomed and their hooves need clipped.    Fourteen chickens need to make a visit to the vet clinic for their disease-free certification.   All the associated equipment needs to be located and organized in the show boxes according to species.   We need to order more feed, so we don’t run out halfway through the fair.   Fair grounds cleanup day is coming soon so the entire family will spend the day sprucing up the grounds. The list goes on and on and we’re just one family! The Fair Board members, the County Extension an

Hawaiian Honeymoon

October 28th, 2017 Marcus Giltner and I got married. This past winter we went on our honeymoon. We went to the Big Island of Hawaii and it was amazing. We had been wanting to go to Hawaii for awhile and we were so excited to finally go. Options were endless when it came to doing things and the weather was perfect. Snorkeling almost every day was a must.   The fish were beautiful, and the turtles were so cool to see.   Both of us love nature so we went hiking a couple of times and got to see a black sand beach, a green sand beach, beautiful flowers, wild hogs, dormant volcanos and great views. One day we took a helicopter ride.   The waterfalls that we saw were unbelievable and we got to see a rainbow that made a complete circle. We also relaxed while we were in Hawaii by going golfing, getting a couple’s massage, lying next to the pool in the sun, and in the early morning getting a coffee (the Big Island is known for coffee and trust me, it was so good).   We would sit on our balco