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Exciting new title... Grandma!

The anticipation for the arrival of our first grandbaby was worth the wait.   Our son Miles and his wife Emilee announced they were expecting last summer. I was so excited for them and the next step or adventure in their lives and mine.   They opted not to find out boy or girl and let it be a surprise.   I thought that was great, we never knew before our kids were born.   It made it difficult for those friends and family who love to shop and had to stay gender neutral.    That wasn’t a problem for me.   I’m not much of a shopper and there would be plenty of time after. I told the kids, I don’t need to be at the hospital.   This is your time.   Just call me when the baby is here.    Didn’t want to be the annoying mother in-law. As the time grew closer it was agreed it might be nice if Emilee’s mother, Shelley, and I were at least close by if Emilee needed her.   I was sure Miles wouldn’t need me! 😊    We agreed we would go up to the hospital together just to be close. Well, we are