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Just “Roll” With It

Thanksgiving will soon be upon us.   Roasted turkey, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, side dishes galore, pumpkin pie, and time spent with family. What part of the meal is your favorite? For me, I’m all about the carbs from a “fresh out of the oven” dinner roll smothered with butter.   I’ll be honest, the roll hits my plate before the turkey! So, it is no coincidence that one of my memorable Thanksgiving meals, involves a dinner roll.   It was 1995 and I was roommates with my younger sister at the time.   We couldn’t travel home to be with family because of snow and poor road conditions, so we decided to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner on our own.   Our mother was an excellent cook who always prepared a traditional Thanksgiving feast, and after years of helping her in the kitchen under our belts, we were optimistic we could pull off this culinary endeavor. We planned our menu, purchased Tom Turkey and a cart full of groceries, and invited my boyfriend (now husband) to join u

Learning From a 6-Year Old

Throughout my life and career, I have had many people that have taught me things and many that I have looked up to and considered role models. Those role models have changed and evolved over the years, and I am always finding new people to look up to and learn from. In the last couple of months, my oldest son Jackson has hit the top of that list. Since he started Kindergarten at the end of August, he is always coming home with words of wisdom for us. The second week of school, he came home and was extremely excited because he was a “CAPS” winner. When he first mentioned it, I thought it was probably a game they played in gym class or something, so I asked him what CAPS was. He replied, “Dad, it is Considerate, Appropriate, Prepared and Safe!” I was shocked to hear that response, as it was not what I was expecting at all. Over the past few weeks, he has come home and told us about “CAPS” he has won at school and is always so proud to tell us the reason he won it and what CAPS attrib