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How do you know when Shi*t is out of control …

Is it when you can’t see your desk at work anymore? Could it be when there’s no more silverware in the drawer, cause they’re all in the sink? Or is it when one child has dance at 6:00, the other has a game at 6:00 and both parents have meetings at 5:30? All the above constitute a bit of chaos, but that seems to be the world we live in. Well, my wife and I survived all the above from earlier years and are now what they call “Empty Nesters.”  W e seem to have lost control in a different way…Our Dogs. Now, I’ve had dogs my whole life, my wife, only since she married me, so 30+ years now for her.   We’ll call her a rookie.   For several years now, we’ve had two dogs.   A couple of years ago, the oldest one passed away.   Up until this point, our dogs always lived outside and were allowed in the house, occasionally.    I’d like to stress, occasionally!   Well, the rookie felt sorry for our lone dog and thought he should become a house dog.   This is coming from the woman that said,

Picking Favorites

Do you have a favorite pet?   Maybe it’s your current pet or a childhood pet from days gone by.   Being an animal lover for as long as I can remember, picking a favorite is impossible for me. In my husband’s family, the immediate answer would be Prince.   Prince is a legend in the Mitchell family and carries the title “Best Dog Ever”.   That’s a hard act to follow.       I have plenty of “favorites”.   The hierarchy of our farm, our 12-year-old golden retriever Lucy, passed away recently. How can the loss of our cute, crazy, gimpy legged rescue dog bring the farm down to its knees upon her departure?   She was a great dog and owns a very deserving spot on the top of my list. Wonderful memories and stories pets leave in our hearts are a testament of their unconditional love, dedication, and the power they have on our lives.    They teach us about loyalty, forgiveness, the pure joy of reveling in the moment, and about giving more than you take.   Powerful lessons for all of us.

Max & Bella

We have many employees that are pet lovers, some are raising them for sale, Labs and Great Danes. Others are rescuing them and giving them a loving home, here is my story.   I never ever thought about owning a dog. My friends tried to get me to take their Great Pyrenees as he needed space to run and I have plenty of that, but I have a couple of cats that I would like to keep around for mice reduction. Then my son called and said he couldn’t keep Max (my grand dog) as he didn’t want to keep him tied up all the time. For some reason I said I would take him with the stipulation if he didn’t get along with the cats he had to go. Talk about being stressed out the first few weeks! I don’t think I lost as much sleep worrying over my son after he was born as I did over this dog. Was he warm enough, he wasn’t drinking much, he didn’t eat much, would he be ok shut in the barn all day? And that look he gave me when I closed the barn door, I could hardly take those sad eyes. Oh, but the joy of b

Clues From Cash

KnowBe4 Security Tips - "Google" Yourself W ith the rise of the digital age, it is difficult (if not impossible) to remain totally anonymous on the internet. Having an online presence and maintaining your social networks can be a wonderful and valuable tool, but sometimes we are unaware of how much personal information can be obtained about us over time. When was the last time you typed your name or your email address in a web search like Google or Bing? You may be shocked at the results. You may find that old photos of yourself pop up, or an old user account from a forgotten social network or blog that is still associated with your name. You may even want to search for your work email, to make sure it has not been compromised and made available on the internet for the bad guys to find. By searching and analyzing your online presence often, you can take steps to remove those things you may not want strangers to see. Like that embarrassing photo from college. You know th