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County Fair

When I was first asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer was quite simple. I wanted to be a farmer or a veterinarian. I was never one to be inside playing with dolls, Barbies, or helping my mom cook or clean. You could find me in the barn lot with my dad, the cows, or riding down the dirt road on my beloved horse, Bonfire.   At a young age, my siblings and I could all drive the equipment, back a trailer up better than most grown adults, butcher a pig in less than 20 minutes, and tell when a cow was going to calve. We didn’t have the distractions that we have today, we were told to go outside and play and use our imagination. We found all kinds of fun things to do. We built forts in the hay mow, swam in the cattle tank, did some creek stomping, caught snapping turtles, played with the new calves and piglets to name a few. One of the fondest memories of my childhood was the tradition of showing cattle at our local county and state fair junior shows. This was our time as a