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Clues from Cash - Are Free Trial Offers Really Free?

When signing up for a “free trial” please keep in mind that if they request your credit or debit card information it is likely you will be charged automatically after the free trial is over. If you have any questions feel free to contact us! See the following article from February 18, 2016 by the Better Business Bureau for more information. For centuries, consumers have believed when they were told something was 'Free' that it really was. Not always true in today's world. Free trial offers are used by many companies to sell everything from books to CDs, from magazines to Internet access. Free trial offers can be a great way to try out new products or services without making a long-term commitment. You should be aware, however, that by accepting a free trial offer, you might be agreeing to buy additional products and services,  if  you do not cancel within a specified p

Coming Full Circle

Blake, my 3 rd grader, participated in the Fairfield Trojan basketball camp.   Third grade is the first year kids have the option to play in the Fairfield Youth Basketball League, which entails traveling on Saturdays in January & February to play area teams. In addition, they were looking for a couple parents to help coach the team, and I volunteered to assist.   This is the first time I’ve coached any of my kids or anyone else’s kids in any sporting endeavor.   Back in ancient times, I played the old 6 on 6 style basketball and I figured this was the only sport that I could contribute some knowledge. This is what I learned about my debut coaching experience: The energy and enthusiasm of 8 and 9 year old boys is contagious and at times challenging to reign in. Over dribbling is a difficult habit to break. That was never an issue with 6 on 6, so I had to attempt to discover how to slow that down. I am not as young as my mind thinks!   I am still healing from a