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Meet Josephine

 Ready for Halloween. It was early April when Josephine became a bottle calf, at about a week old.   Being the animal lover that I am, I was all in for this adventure.   I have a hard time holding the line between a farm commodity and a pet; which isn’t a good farm trait.   I usually took the 6 am feeding.   As I would head out the door to the barn lot, a trio followed behind me faithfully every morning; Linus & Lucy (farm dogs) and Charlie Brown (farm cat).   Although bottle feeding finished several weeks ago, we still go out morning and night to feed and hay her, and to rub her ears.   She has been spoiled by many family and friends.   Now the harder part comes; convincing her she is a cow.   She doesn’t know that yet.   She looks at the rest of the herd like they are a different species.   We’ll get there.   Would it kill the bottom line to have 1 pet cow?   I don’t think so!   By: Lori Mitchell    


By: Deb Troutman Pool side on last year's vacation.

The Wave

         When most sports fans think of “the wave” they think of the synchronized action of fans that sweeps soccer, football, and baseball stadiums across the country, but a new tradition at Kinnick Stadium may very well replace what I think of when I hear the term.   At the end of the first quarter of Iowa home football games the stadium has begun waving to the children and their families on the top floor of the children’s hospital that overlooks the stadium.   I really can’t accurately describe the sensation I felt as I waved and looked up to see the kids and their families waving back.   The action itself was so simple, but it is so profound to me how at the drop of a hat my competitive spirit was wiped away.   For those few moments, the football game couldn’t have been any further from my mind.               The impact such a simple gesture has on the folks overlooking the stadium is what is truly amazing to me though.   The elation is so evident on the faces of these kids a