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Live Your Life A-Z

Live Your LifeA-Z
Attitude-is half the battle
Believe –in yourself and others
Change –accept and embrace it
Dream–dream big; the opportunities are endless
Exercise – your mind and your body
Fun – have fun with everything you do
Grateful – show appreciation and be grateful for what you have
Health – take good care of yourself; it all starts with you
Independent –don’t depend on someone else to take care of you
Joy–always find joy in your life
Kind –be kind
Live, Laugh, Love –live every moment, laugh every day, love beyond words
Manners–always use good manners
Natural–excel in what comes natural to you
Optimistic – be and think positive
Productive –accomplish things in life
Quiet –enjoy some peace and quiet
Responsible –be responsible
Successful–make good things happen
Tough–be able to handle adverse or difficult situations
Unique–make yourself different
Value–value your life; you only get one