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Live Your Life A-Z

Live Your Life A-Z A ttitude -i s half the battle B elieve – in yourself and others C hange – accept and embrace it D ream – dream big; the opportunities are endless E xercise – your mind and your body F un – have fun with everything you do G rateful – show appreciation and be grateful for what you have H ealth – take good care of yourself; it all starts with you I ndependent –don’t depend on someone else to take care of you J oy –always find joy in your life K ind – be kind L i ve, Laugh, Love –live every moment, laugh every day, love beyond words M anners –always use good manners N atural –excel in what comes natural to you O ptimistic – be and think positive P roductive – accomplish things in life Q uiet –enjoy some peace and quiet R esponsible –be responsible S uccessful –make good things happen T ough – be able to handle adverse or difficult situations U nique –make yourself different V alue – value yo