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I Survived My First Semester of College

That is something I said 30 years ago, when I was a freshman in college.   Today, I am saying it as a first-time mom of a college freshman.   Of course, I was warned that I would have breakdowns as Shelby’s high school graduation approached.   I am not a person that cries easily, so of course I flew through that time without shedding a tear.   I think it was due to being extremely busy getting things ready for graduation and the graduation party being held at our house.   Then came orientation at Iowa State University.   I may have gotten a little teary eyed thinking about how this new experience will change our family dynamic, but once again no tears were shed.   We were told at orientation, that we should say our good byes to our college bound student before arriving at move in day.   Being a person that tries to follow directions that I am given, I took Shelby aside a couple of days before move in and shed my tears as she patted me on the back to comfort me, stating that this is