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2016 Pro Farmer Crop Tour

On the morning of Sunday August 20 th I took off on a journey to Columbus, Ohio to spend the week participating in the Eastern leg of the Pro Farmer Crop Tour. For many years I have watched the crop tour as it travels across the Midwest and in 2016 I was accepted as a scout on the farm tour. We were all scheduled to report to Columbus, Ohio by 8:00 PM on the 20 th for orientation. That evening I met approx. 50 other scouts that would be making the journey westward that week. Out of these 50 scouts, over 1/3 were from other countries, around 1/3 were farmers from the Midwest and the other 1/3 were other people from various states that were involved in some sort of occupation that revolved around row crop production. Out of these 50 scouts we had around 13 teams of 3-4 people all traveling in one vehicle for the day. I had volunteered to be a driver and each day I would have a different set of scouts riding with me. In the front seat we would have the navigator (which was usuall