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State Track 2016 #2

Per request, I will share with you some of my state track history.   My first trip to the state track meet was in 1984 as a freshman.   My event was the 400 meter hurdles and I finished 5 th .   As a sophomore I came in 3 rd and my junior and senior years I was the champion.   I also finished 3 rd in the 100M hurdles my senior year.   Personal bests in each event were 62:6 and 15:6 respectively.   The fastest quarter mile split I ever ran was 57:6 and Ron Hunerdosse coaxed me into running an 800 one year to complete a 4x8 team.   That was hell….and I ran a 2:26.     Ouch!   (another memory)   If you could have seen me last Saturday afternoon watching the meet on my iPad, you would’ve laughed.   I yelled, I screamed, I jumped up and down and even cried from emotions that returned as if I was there yesterday….all of them dear to my soul.   So, you see, I do know how those kids felt on the blue oval….and it’s pretty darn cool. J

State Track 2016

To the high school athletes that competed at the Iowa High School State Track Meet this weekend, kudos to you.   I have awesome memories, old as they may be, of this meet and its grandeur.   So many competitors, so many spectators, so many fans and parents on the edge of their seats, wanting the ultimate for their children…….to win.   There is no other sport like track.   There are relays, medleys, field events and strategy, but it all comes down to who is the strongest, who is the fastest and who can maintain their cool under pressure.   You have trained, pained, sucked for air and hurt.   Hopefully you were at your very best in condition, at which time it becomes a mind game.   Regardless of your result, I bet you enjoyed performing in that awesome oval, on the spongy surface, in front of all of those people, many of them cheering for you not even knowing your name or your story…..a memory you will never forget.   Good job.