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Calving Season

With spring comes one of my favorite times of year: calving season.   We started calving around the first of April on our farm.   We calve in a 40 acre pasture about a mile down the road from the house. Calving season is going great.   So far, 33 on the ground and only one small problem that turned out well.   Almost every morning at 5:00am I jump on the four wheeler and go ride through the cows to see if any new babies have been born or if anyone is having problems.   At this time it is still dark and most the cows and calves are still bedded down sleeping.   It is very peaceful and I can ride by close enough to touch them and they just lay there as they are use to my routine.   It is a great way to start my day.   If you wait and go check them around 6 or 6:30 (just at daylight) it is feeding time for the calves.   Most of them will be paired with mom having their breakfast.    Shortly after they all head out to graze and enjoy the weather and sun on the nice days. After work I lo

“The Buckle”

As years pass I find myself spending more time thinking back about memories of past experiences and how they have shaped me into the person I am today. Even though my grandfather Gail “Bud” Trier was taken from this world when I was 6 years old, I still have some memories that I can recall with him and look back and smile each time I think of them. One of the top memories that comes to mind is the trips on Sunday mornings to “The Buckle.” I remember going there with grandpa and ordering a “Roy Rogers” to drink. I specifically remember one Sunday morning that the family rat terrier was in the car outside. When I looked out the dog had his front paws on the steering wheel and it appeared that he was trying to drive Grandpa’s car. Now as a 6 year old this was pretty funny! I don’t remember how often we frequented the Buckle on Sunday’s but at the time it seemed like every Sunday! I also remember his garage and how occasionally there would be boxes and boxes of the sugar coated orange