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Cooking Together

Expand your appetite …take a chance and try it When I met Dale 10 years ago, he was the typical, Midwest, farm guy.   Meat, potatoes, corn (the only vegetable in the world), bread and desserts were family meals.   I had lived that myth for several years myself, except for the vegetables.   I was raised with a variety of them.   Milk and water is what you had to drink.   In my young adult years, I was able to expand my tastes by going out to eat with friends at various restaurants and trying new things.     I like to cook, eat and drink (does not always have to have alcohol in it). Nevertheless, I started cooking for Dale.   I cooked what I thought, a variety of food.   I expanded his horizons with more vegetables (green, orange and red ones), cooked different ways, seasoned, or added in recipes.   He started enjoying more foods and trying more.   We started cooking together.   We tried different recipes since Dale had become addicted to   After a few years,